Activate your LU Account through one of these methods
As an employee or other affiliate choose Freja eID+ if available to activate the local user account and perform configuration of the Freja eID+ as a Service-e-ID in the wizard. An existing user can configure Freja eID+ to be available as a Service-e-ID at later point in time if not using Freja eID+ to activate the local user account.
As a student use Freja eID+ or Mobilt BankID depending upon which e-ID you have available on your phone.
By a physical visit to your local directory administrator, you can receive an activation code to be used to activate the user account. Activation codes are specifically aimed at users who lack a Swedish personal identity number.
All of these methods can be used after account activation to reset a lost password.
Alternatively, as a student, activate your LU Account or reset current password
Reset your password through previously verified contact information