Password reset via verified contact information
Resetting and choosing a new password via this function requires that you have registered and verified contact information in advance. You cannot do this if you have forgotten your password or the password no longer works for some reason.
State your user identity below (without “” at the end) and state the email address you have previously given as your private email address. A single-use link will be sent to this email address.
The system will also send a One-time passcode to a mobile phone. Choose below whether this is to be sent to your staff mobile phone or private mobile phone. If you have previously registered only one mobile phone number, you must choose the one registered in your name. If you have previously registered a staff mobile phone and a private mobile phone, you can choose which phone the single-use code is to be sent to.
Open the single-use link you received via email and enter in the form that opens the One-time passcode you received via your mobile phone. You then have the opportunity to set a new password for your account.
If the information entered in the form is incorrect, the system, for security reasons, will not provide a detailed error message about what is wrong. If repeated attempts are unsuccessful, please contact LU Servicedesk, +46 46 222 9000.
Private mobile
Staff mobile